New Software to Learn Bangla – Press Release


Easy Learn Bangla Press Release

New Software to Learn Bangla
Multimedia software developed for foreigners and Bangladeshi children living abroad.

Bangla Soft has released a Bangla learning software focusing on Bangladeshi origin children living around the globe, particularly in Britain, Europe, USA and Canada. The software is designed to learn Bangla with fun using a PC. It starts from the very beginning and takes you to the advanced levels. It teaches Bangla pronunciation via English phonetics. Audio files are associated with graphics or Bangla characters, words or texts to listen to Bangla pronunciation.

Today over five million Bangladeshis are residing in many parts of the globe. As a non resident Bangladeshi, we feel that we should pass our identity and heritage on to our next generation. The next generation should know about their roots, cultural and language background which will make them proud and help to become a good citizen in this multicultural society. The goal of this software is to introduce the Bangla language and cultural roots to the next generation Bangladeshis and to introduce Bangla as a second language of communication for them.

Features of the program include: Introduction to the Bangla language and the International Mother Language day, Bangla alphabets and numbers (with animated writing sequences), scientific pronunciation with voices (examples with graphics), practice lessons, alphabet lessons; simplified Bangla Grammar; useful daily conversations with voices and graphics such as greetings, getting around, food and restaurants, making hotel reservations, shopping, Bangla proverbs and many other useful conversations. It also includes vocabulary with voices and practice drills; Talking Dictionary: English to Bangla and Bangla to English word translations with voices. An attractive voice instruction in English will guide you through the different sections of the software.

About the software developer: Dr Chowdhury is a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager (MCIWEM), Civil Engineer by profession and has been working in the River and Coastal Engineering field for over 20 years. At the present time, he is working for Royal HaskoningDHV as a Senior Engineer.

”A fascinating software! I suggest you try it.
Surely you will pay with pleasure £10.00 for a license!
I know it is not a business for Dr. Eng. Aminul Chowdhury, but a cultural proposal to get in touch with Bangla! That’s the reason for the very low cost of Easy Learn Bangla.” Dr Dino Kaka, Milano, Italy.

If you would like more information about the software, or to schedule an interview with Dr Aminul Chowdhury, please call Aminul at 07951 978990 or e-mail at

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