Learn to Speak Bangla

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  • Bangla Alphabets (how to read and write)
  • Essential Words
  • Basic Conversations ( introduce yourself, introduce others, making friends, asking direction)
  • Extended Conversations (shopping, buying gifts, going to a doctor, hotel reservation, and many other essential items)
  • Bangla to English Dictionary (Talking)
  • English to Bangla Dictionary (Talking)

If you want to see the contents, please see on YouTube-Click Here

Note, the Bangla will be taught using English language, however if you want to get a CD with other languages , you need to contact us.

System Requirement:

Windows XP, NT,VISTA, Win7, 64bit


This software is specifically developed for tourists, business travellers and Bangladeshi children living abroad.

There’s a variety of people this software can help. Today over five million Bangladeshis are residing in many parts of the globe.  As a non resident Bangladeshi, we feel that we should pass our identity and heritage on to our

next generation. The next generation should know about their roots, cultural and language background which will make them proud and help to become a good citizen in this multicultural society.

The goal of this software is to introduce the Bangla language and cultural roots to the next generation Bangladeshis and to introduce Bangla as a second language of communication for them.
Tourists and business travellers will also find this software easy to use and  extremely beneficial when visiting Bangladesh. Not only will it teach the basics of the Bangla language to assist when ordering food and drink or getting around, but the program has more advanced levels to help those  may be required to carry out business with local people which shows respect and help you get a fair deal.


To purchase a licence/password you have to download it first and install onto your computer. After expiration of your trial, your software will be locked and an ‘Installation ID’ will be shown on the locked software. This ‘Installation ID is required to purchase a licence/password. The license has unlimited use on a computer. A CD version can be supplied on request.

To download the FREE demo CLICK HERE


We moved to live in Canada and found this software really helped our children learn Bangla quickly. In just a few months we can have basic conversations with them – Great value!

Antu - Happy Parent.

I have done business in India for the last 3 years and found this software helped our buyers communicate so much better. We have a better relationship with the manufacturer as a result of learning Bangla with Easy Learn – Thanks so much!

R. Fowler - Business User

Great software, easy to use and install… So much fun seeing our children who mainly speak English learn our language and keep it alive. I hope they pass it down the generations too!

Sumi - UK